Pet Eye Disease: Corneal ulcer

Corneal ulcers are one of the most common eye diseases in animals. 

If not treated promptly, the condition can leave the eye blind and your pet may even lose his eye.  Corneal ulcers are very painful, and you may noticed your pet squinting his eye, increased eye discharge, and redness.  Without treatment, the cornea ulcers can deepen very quickly (within days) leading to rupture of the eye.

The most common cause of corneal ulceration is trauma, however other possibilities include eyelid abnormalities and dry eye.

In cases where the corneal ulcer is deep, surgery is needed to help the cornea heal.  Because the tissues are so delicate, fine instruments and operating microscope are needed to complete the surgery.  There are several grafting methods, including conjunctival graft, SIS grafts, and amniotic membrane grafts. 

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